Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bolts & Pokemon

Oh oh, Annie almost died at work today! Well, not really :P The sign above the customer service booth partially fell down & the bolt/screw almost hit me on the head! It was like 2-3 inches away from my head! Darn, I could've gone home with a work-related injury, JK.

On another note, I've been distracted from studying because of the Pokemon Rescue Team game! I bought a new pink Nintendo DS Lite last Saturday cuz it was so cute-looking. It's totally addicting & Samantha can totally vouch for me ;) I turned out to be a Pikachu & I chose my partner as Chikorita & named it Vinh! We're so cute together *giggle*


  1. i love your new pic!!! xD cute cute cute
    ur layouts are always cute and prettyish lol
    xD i'll be stalking u here then!!!
    as well as other blogs LOL

    jkjk luv ya sis!

  2. T___T i'm jealous!! i want to play pokemon =[