Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fresh Start

It's time for Annie to start anew here at Blogger. Well, not really since I had a Blogger way back when! Anyways, I figured I can try out my graphic designs here as well make this my new blog [?]. I mean people can finally comment without having an account, so that's already a plus from Xanga :) So I guess it's time to say "Welcome to Annie's new blog home!" *jumps for joy*
No worries, it'll be made pretty in no time. I am a busy college student with no life besides nerding it up with my textbooks! JK. Of course I have a life, otherwise I wouldn't be here rambling on O:) Well, I hope you all enjoy my ramblings from now on!


  1. yay annie!! ^^ glad to see you on blogger too XDDD I linked you back!

  2. Oh annie! I love the new blog! It's all lovey dovey!! I can't believe you almost died! LOL
    :) I'm glad you didn't!