Sunday, October 22, 2006

50 Months!

Sorry for the lack of updates! So on Friday, it was Vinh & I's 4 year & 2 months! We didn't do much, just hung out & then went to eat dinner at Hanamaru. It was a lovely dinner & I was stuffed like the little porker I am :) Vinh had to leave early though cuz he went to SF Airport to pick-up his brother & his brother's gf [I'm not fond of his brother btw].

On Saturday, I just went to work & everyone's all like "boo, you're quitting" :( I feel sad for leaving some great people, but it's for the better since I need to have flexible hours for school. After I got home from work, Vinh brought over a present: a new pink Coach purse [fake? I dunno]! Vinh asked his brother to buy me something before he came to visit this weekend so Annie has another cute new purse to carry around!

Today, I had to wake up early to volunteer at Sunday Friends! I was there helping out from 10:30-2:00, bringing out costumes, setting up stations, & I was also the leader running the costume bag station. Boy, I think I got a little darker from the hot sun down in San Jose! Afterwards, I rushed to Fantasia to buy a frosted mango drink & off I went to work where I finished up my sociology homework & played Pokemon! Desperate Housewives was sooo good today :)
Anyways, enjoy my random photo looking through the bus stop at the rising sun! I was bored waiting for the bus obviously!


  1. awww annie!! You rock for volunteering! LOL COOL you got a new purse!! How fun!! Who cares if it's fake or not it's the thought that counts! :) Gosh I love purses LOL! Glad you have a pretty much easy going week at school! eecks me has a test.. LOL
    Hope you have an awesome week!
    Love ya A!!
    Happy Belated Annievinhsary!!!

  2. OMG! You got a pink COACH purse... You should ask for a matching wallet.
    Happy 50 months to you both!
    Monday morning... nothing to do but to kill time. xD

  3. Louisa12:33 PM

    Ohhh happy belated 50months! =] wow...these numbers just keep getting bigger eh? =D but yeahh...PINK coach purse?!? that's awesome! i wanna see a picture of it!!! i have a blue one. =P oh and thnx for continuously putting the link to ur blogger entires on xanga, cuz i read subscriptions only. it's very convenient ^^

  4. Emily1:24 AM

    Wow, 50 months! A very long time, indeed. :)

    Congrats, and enjoy your Coach purse!

  5. That is so amazing for people our age. Seriously! Congratulations!!!!