Monday, October 23, 2006

Badminton Soreness

Ouchies, I'm so sore :( Both my biceps/triceps & my calves hurt like a... I won't finish that sentence, but you get the point. Yea, moving huge garbage bags packed with costumes + full on badminton playing cuz your partner doesn't do much = super sore muscles! I really dislike the feeling of being sore cuz I can never fall asleep in peace :( But hey, Annie has more muscle now to beat y'all up! JK ;)

So I got my sociology midterm back today & I got a 91/100! *dances around* I'm glad since I didn't really study for this test last week, whew. We watched a video on drug abuse & crime today & it was kinda interesting how therapy for drug users are not readily available to help them cope with their problems. About 65-70% of inmates are nonviolent drug addicts, talk about a lot of room that can be used for actual violent criminals.

Afterwards, I called Vinh & we went to play a little badminton before my badminton class! Weird, I know, but he wanted to play with the new racket I bought him. So yea, during class, he played with my partner's [Maybelline?] boyfriend. My partner has no self esteem in badminton so I kept having to do all the work, hence me being super sore.

Vinh came with me to neuroanatomy as well & he was dozing off! That almost made me crack out laughing in lecture cuz he was slowly lowering his head & when he let it fall a little, he woke up & was like "oh crap!" ;D Aww, but I love him *giggle*


  1. AHHH Your purse I totally want to steal it!!! It's so cute. AWWW poor you feeling all sore. LOL about you partner not doing anything... that sux. I about cracked up alughing about vinh fallign asleep!!! Too funny! That class must have been major exciting! Hope you get to feeling better! Hey with all the muscle go beat up your partner and be like PLAY or else ***insert eyepoke here*** LOL Have a great rest of the week A!

  2. Louisa3:48 AM

    ohhh yay picture!! it's so cute!! i wantttt~~~~ ^___^ but yeah, congrats on ur midterm grade! too bad my midterm grade wasn't as good. *sigh*