Friday, October 20, 2006

Flyboys Review!

Here goes another one of Annie's movie reviews :) It's another James Franco movie & I absolutely loved it as well. Let's bring it, Flyboys!

First off, the storyline was great. So the story takes place during the WWI. Airplanes were fairly inventions at the time, so this sets the rest of the story up. A few Americans decided to go to France to learn how to fly, using the airplaces for aerial attacks & maneuvers. The first squadron had only 38 people, called the Lafayette Escadrille. Blaine Rawlings [Franco] is the main character that joins the squadron to run away from his arrest for resisting to turn over his family's ranch. Together with his fellow Americans William Jensen, Briggs Lowry, & Eugene Skinner, they learned to fly together. Great way to learn your WWI history I think :)

Secondly, acting is great as well. I don't think I need to go into too much detail about how great Franco's acting is, do I? *giggle* But also Martin Henderson [Cassidy], Jennifer Decker [Lucianne], & all the other actors do an amazing job to bring this movie to life! If this movie can make me laugh & tear up, they've done a pretty darn good job since I'm not usually a crybaby! They did have to learn at least how the planes flew. I believe Franco & another actor even have flying licenses. Pretty dedicated actors if you ask me.

Thirdly, it has action for the fellows & romance for the ladies. There are aerial/dogfights throughout the movie for the guys to enjoy. Also wanna remind you that these fights look extremely real & that even I enjoyed them! Girls can enjoy the cute romance between Rawlings & Lucianne. What can be cuter than a language barrier & still have a blossoming romance? Aww... You'll definitely get some giggles throughout the movie!

Fourthly, just go see the darn movie for yourself! I don't know what the critics said about this movie cuz I certainly don't care what they say. It's worth your money & your time. It's not a flashy Hollywood movie, I promise! It's a old-fashioned good ol' movie for all :)

So as a dedication for this movie, PALM [Paula Annie Louise Mariely] have made a music myspace for this movie :) So feel free to listen the the wonderful music from the movie as well!


  1. ANNIE! You rocked this review, I certainly couldnt of worded it any better. Franco and David Ellison totally can actually fly. How sexy, Id love to go fly with Franco somewhere. LOL. Tom's house. Hahahaha. I HEART YOU.

  2. FLYBOYS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! FRANCO ROCKS!!! MARTIN ROCKS!!! You ROCK! You so rocked this review!! EVERYONE better go see this movie it's awesome!

  3. helen7:11 PM

    great review! i like how you always give a short summary without giving away the whole plot, and then talk about what you liked about it. i want to go see the movie now! =) sounds cute! but i hope the crying part isn't too sad... haha...

  4. leecie11:12 PM

    ok so i havent seen it, i know! baaaad of me. but its not in theaters near ANYWHERE near me. trust me, ive checked. i even asked the manager of the theater closest to me to get it on my behalf..he said no. cuz it "wont bring enough money". watever. im sure it rox. i loooove the clip of james with the girl and the "i worry" part. *sigh*