Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a fun day/night!

So I found out that I got a 28/30 on nutrition test of fats, 38/40 on my neuro lab quiz, & a 135/150 [90%] on my neuro midterm! *dances around* Today was a pretty good day for me :) I even got chocolate from Stenmark, who dressed up as God then turned rabbi, lol.

More Halloween pictures here under "Fall '06"


  1. that's so cute! i love that picture! Vinh looks scared though!

  2. love all the pics annie the houses are so cool!!!!! looks like you had a fun night :)

  3. Minniannie, you and vinh look so cute together. LOL!! Sounds like you had a fun time and all your pics you took were too funny especially you and vinh drinking the mysterious brew, which I only hope was dry ice. Have a great week Minniannie.
    Love Paula

  4. woooow.. keep up the good work in your classes! =) oooo.. i wanna decorate my house like those in the future! haha.. so awesome! gonna make a haunted house and scare the bajeebies out of the kids! hahahaha... j/k j/k... i'm glad you had a good halloween! =D