Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Midterms Round 1

So I had my third nutrition test today that I totally didn't study for since I know in advance that I can retake it during finals week. It was about carbohydrates & I don't think I did to bad considering that I didn't even study for it cuz I was freaking out about my humanities midterm... Then we just lectured on about proteins *yawn*

Our lecture in humanities before the midterm was about baroque & classical music! I like the music & all, but it still puts me to sleep like no other :P But at least I knew most of the songs & I just need to learn the different aspects of each time period :) I liked how Lindahl gave us a funeral mass song before our midterm & was like "this is your theme to the midterm!" Haha.

Holy moly, the humanities honors midterm wasn't as bad as I thought! :) It was answer 7 out of 11 short answer questions & then 1 essay question. We had to come up with a good thesis in order to get an A on the essay portion. The topic was about authority and what each person thought about it. So I chose Rene Descartes, John Milton's Paradise Lost, & Moliere's Tartuffe as my 3 thinkers. My thesis: "Although all three thinkers had different ideas of where authority comes from, they all have a similar opinion in that we need authority in our lives to keep order." I'm proud of that thesis *giggle* Hopefully I get at least a B on my midterm :)

I'm totally braindead now & just slacking off since I got home :)


  1. HOLY CRAP ANNIE!!! YOU ARE TOO FREAKIN SMART MY GOSH! **Steals your brain and runs** I think your thesis was awesome!!! ROCK ON A! Ughh I had Nutrition last year and liked it but ya it gets boring. I loved your funeral midterm. How funny was that?!! LOL!! Keep it up girl!! And rub off on me won't ya please? LOL that ryhmed

  2. Lol I think that you are so much better at updating your blog than me. Lol whee now I can stalk your blog too!

  3. blah for midterms!! but annie is smart XD come to berkeley and help stuff info into my brain for me =[