Thursday, October 12, 2006

Test Scores Galore!

I got both of my tests from Tuesday back today :) I got a 28/30 on my nutrition test for carbohydrates that I so didn't study for cuz I wanted to spend more time on my humanities midterm. I got an 88/100 on my humanities midterm, which is way better than I expected! Go me :D

Today's humanities lecture led to a very interesting seminar. Since it was philosophy, it led to very random discussions! Last semester, there was a student that fell asleep in my teacher's class, so she told everyone else to quietly sneak out of the room & then she waited for the next class to come in to pull a prank on the poor kid. Too bad that the next class was cancelled so my teacher just left the student to sleep in there, not waking him/her up, & just went to get her root canal done. Sucked for the dentist cuz my teacher kept cracking up during her root canal, haha!

I got to hangout with my anatomy nerds today finally! Jennifer, Jill, Vinh, & I went to Holly K. Ono Cafe to have lunch together & it was absolutely scrumptious *drool* If any of you ever go there, get Caribbean Chicken ;)

I also got my USB drive back from Malcolm today! Hooray, Annie's a very happy gal today :)

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  1. AHHHH Annie you are way to smart!! GIVE ME THEM BRAIN CELLS NOW!! NOW, I TELL YA!! Rock on for getting those scores!! WOOT WOOT!! Throws confetti for annie! PARTY this weekend!! I tell ya PARTY!
    You totally made me hungry with that chicken! I think I may just have to come visit you just so you can take me to all those yummy places to eat!!