Sunday, October 1, 2006

Tristan & Isolde, baby!

Well, I think all of you should know by know that I'm crazy obsessed with TRISTAN & ISOLDE! So I guess it's finally time I give my review of it besides saying "It's the best movie everr!" even though it's true in my mind ;)

First, the story itself is beautiful. I first read it way back in 6th grade when Mr. Cabello made us read it despite it not being on the curriculum. Back then, I thought it was boring since I'm a friggin' 6th grader who didn't know what a great story was. It takes place after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire. Seeing this, the Irish king tries to claim the fallen lands as his own. Lord Marke, one of the leaders of the English tribes, tries to unite the tribes under one rule again. Tristan was saved as a boy by Marke & was raised up like his own son. One day, while trying to save the girls that were taken away by the Irish to serve as slaves, Tristan was struck with a poisoned sword & he was assumed dead. He was given a king's service [a boat that floats out to sea] & ended up on the shores of Ireland, where Isolde, the Irish king's daughter, found him & nursed him back to health. While taking care of Tristan, Isolde starting falling in love with him & he with her. But Tristan was forced back to England or else he would risk his life if he stayed & Isolde remained left in Ireland. The Irish king holds a tournament, hoping that it'll break the tribes apart by offering Isolde as a prize. Tristan goes to the tournament to win Isolde in Marke's name, unknown to him that it was her, & in fact, won the tournament. When the lovers found out that Isolde was to marry Marke, a love triangle forms & the question of whether honor or love is stronger. That's how the movie begins...

Secondly, the acting is absolutely amazing, NO KIDDING! James Franco & Sophia Myles did a fantastic job bringing the story & the characters themselves to real life. It actually looked like they were joyous, in pain, in love. I must also add that Franco is a hometown native of Palo Alto! I have to support his work & he's a total HOTTIE *drool* Sophia is a beautiful woman as well & she played Isolde very well. I mean, this movie made me cry & I'm not one to cry over a movie.

Thirdly, if you didn't watch this movie because of what the movie critics say, you better go watch it! Movie critics these days piss me off. They compared T&I with Romeo & Juliet. Believe me, T&I is far superior to R&J that they're not in the same playing field. Movies aren't meant to be compared with other romantic movies, but should be seen with no comparison at all. If it's a good movie, it's good & if it's bad, it's bad. Give T&I a chance & you won't regret it at all!

Lastly, this movie, if anything, teaches you that love can conquer all. If you're not a believer, I think you seriously should watch this movie. I am a believer that love can conquer all & this movie totally takes that meaning to a whole new level


  1. Katerz12:20 PM

    Hola A (it's K!) This was a rather cute little dedication. T&I deserves such things and not the criticism given to the critics. Part of me wishes that they wouldn't have had the tagline "before Romeo and Juliet..." because that is where some of that comparison stuff came from... and T&I doesn't deserve to be compared. It does deserve a good review, though!! You go girl!!

  2. Mrs. Davis L.C.A12:49 PM

    YEAH BABY!!! TRISTAN AND ISOLDE IS THE BEST LOVE STORY AND MOVIE EVER!!!! CAN YOU SAY PASSIONATE? It just drains you emotionally. You get to the point where you feel their pain. Tristan's especially. There are no words, this movie should be in every home. It's just that amazing and Im totally the biggest fan. Rock on to my videos, thankies Swtiine *wink*!

  3. AHHHHHHHHHH Annie!!! That was an awesome review. I couldn't have done any better myself. You have a way with words!! T&I IS the best movie in the world. **Best actor in it, if I do say so myself... *cough* franco *cough* LOL
    Everyone should have an oppurtunity to watch this movie, it's well worth anyones time!

  4. Louise10:54 AM

    annie you done an amazing job with this review you should be a film critic!!!!!!!!!
    what can i say about T&I Best Movie Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its got everything you could want from a great movie action,romance,amazing actors,stunning locations
    everyone should see this movie!!!!

  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    awesome review! =) i liked the summary in the beginning... it was very detailed and helpful cuz i kinda forgot the background part of it cuz it was the love story that i remembered =P but aww... reading it made me remember the sad ending... ='( haha...anyways, your review was perfect and i think you should write more for other movies! ;-)

  6. *sigh* i must honestly admit, that i didn't believe in love. SAD STORY, i know. to be blatently honest, it was even to the point that i put "quotes" around the word "love" everytime i said it or wrote or typed it. sad, yes. BUT then i saw the trailor for this amazing movie, adn i was like "yeah ok its a chick flick and gonna suck, but james franco is hotttttt so i'll go" and i went to it with my best friend.....can you say LIFE CHANGER! i have never in my life had a movie have this much of an impact on me, especially something that i believe SO strongly against! but...100% believer as of the moment the credits came on for T+I. i went to it 4 times in theaters. and i watched it every night from the day it came out on video, sadly i almost failed my school year because of lack of doing my homework adn watching T+I instead. VERY good and touching description of hte movie, although i think nothing can describe the feeling you get when u watch it. am i right?
    <3 you annie!
    xox aleece

  7. annalisa9:24 AM

    great review!!! i LOVE tristan and isolde. out of all the actors i thought franco was the best. he can really pull off the 'in major pain' face. pluse hes hot. and his hair wasnt too over styled if i say so myself. anyway, it really is a beautiful movie. i have always beleived in true love and all, and am a complete romantic,but i also am a firm beleiver in honor and bravery, so it was really meaningful for me. at least T&I can be together in the 'next life', which i do beleive in, thankfully, or my friends would have to endure years of me crying all over about how unfair it was that T died. anyway, bye!!! <3