Thursday, November 9, 2006

Got Skillz?!

So let's recap shall we? :)

Yesterday //
In sociology, we finished learning about the media & since my teacher likes to reward people who come to class on time, she gave us the answer to the extra credit question on the final: the name of her dog's name! *giggle* She's so funny :) Then I went to the library & registered for my classes [schedule below]. I found a black iPod nano & returned it to the security for them to find the owner. Then I took my badminton skills test [hence the title] & I got an A, no surprise :P Then went to learn neuro after having lunch with Jill :)

Boo, I got a 22/30 on my nutrition test... Oh well, I can retake it :P My teacher was so random today. "Why aren't Asians on the chart, but listed as other? That's a lot of people!" plus a lot more random stuff. In humanities, Stenmark gave the lecture & spelled her own last name wrong, lol! Her excuse was that she had to clean her basement up cuz her washing machine blew up at 9 yesterday night! But it was a good lecture on 19th century literature. Then we had 4 speeches in seminar. Well that's about it :P
  • ART 24 - Beg Drawing MW 8:30-11:20
  • PHYS 1 - Elem Physics MW 1:30-2:45
  • PSYC 110 - Abnormal Psych MW 3:00-4:15
  • HUM 2A - Humanities Honors TR 10:30-1:15

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  1. LOL INSANELY LAUGHING AT YOUR TEACHER!! AHAHAHAHA First one spelling their own name wrong then the other the ping pong teacher!! HAHAHAHA And woot for only taking 4 classes next semester YOU NEEDED a slight break. Though knowing you you will probably add more. YOU ROCK A and I love ya! You are awesome for returning someones nano that's like someone NOONE would do these days.