Saturday, November 18, 2006

No More CSC!

That's right, you hear me! NO MORE WORKING AT VALLCO CUSTOMER SERVICE! *dances around* But a part of me is all "aww..." cuz Sonya & I really only left cuz of 2 people. I was so laughing inside when I saw R--- working this morning, a taste of her own medicine, baby! That's what you get when you complain & then take days off when it's against policy! :D The security director was like "You have to come visit me! When you & Sonya are 21, come fill out an application for security, even if you don't mean it just so it will make me happy" :) I'm gonna miss security, well most anyway... :(

BUT... I'm gonna be working as manager again for Santa set this year Fri/Sat mornings for $11.50/hr! Whoo, take that $8.50/hr at CSC! LOL. So I still get to see my old coworkers at least for a month more before I truly leave :) Plus I make at least $100/week so what the heck!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy with: [1] 10-page research paper on the medical causes of the Salem Witch Trials [2] working on my romanticism speech using Tristan & Isolde & The Scarlett Letter [3] studying for the nutrition test [4] exercising [5] hanging out with Vinh :) No worries, I'll be relieved once Thanksgiving hits!


  1. Whoot! Go Annie, hahaha. You deserve a better job.
    and whoa... what a nice job you have now. Mabey I can go see you!
    That is quite a work load. I hope you get all of that done.
    Three more school days until Thanksgiving!!! Do you have Wednesday off?

  2. Wow you're gonna be making so much more. AND YOU BY FAR DESERVE IT. Im super happy for you!