Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Finally it's time for Thanksgiving break to begin! Hallelujah baby!

Today was actually a pretty fun day since everyone was in the mood for break already :) In sociology class, we were finishing up the chapter about war & terrorism & we decided to talk about the possibility of a draft, listing the pros & cons. Some funny ones were: it'll take all the deliquents/druggies off the streets, they'll learn some "skills," let's draft only females! LOL. Then our teacher told us a joke [from her other class' textbook] & she had to close the door for it!

Q: What's the difference between kinky & erotic?
A: You use a feather in erotic & a WHOLE chicken in kinky!

We were all laughing so hard that we just had to leave class after that. Then I met up with Vinh & we actually played badminton for 2 hours today! We joined the class before mine since only 4 guys showed up. We first played against my teacher & lost miserably... Then we played against 2 of the guys & beat their butts big time, lol. Their teacher [Chen] was like "if you lose, you get an F!" Haha. But the thing that made me the happiest was when Chen & Cai [my teacher] were talking in Mandarin while I was playing that game & they were like "Wow, she's really good. She knows what she's doing & she does it well." It made me happy since I've never really heard that coming from any of my other coaches before so it made me extremely happy to know that I am good at what I do :) After the game, Chen asked if I played in JV & I said varsity & he replied "I knew you were too good to be a beginner!" They didn't know I was on a team before, haha.

After that, it was just eating lunch with Jill & off to the last class of the day: neuroanatomy! I swear there were like 5 cell phones that went off today, lol! First one being the crazy guy next to me, he friggin ran outta the classroom to turn off his cell & he knocked over his can of Coke! Shohei was all like "I think there's something wrong with his corpus callosum" [neuro joke]. Then when the guy was cleaning it up, he just picked up all the towels & rushed them over to the trash, letting it drip all over his backpack, stuff, & chair. Moron! Oh well, it's Turkey time!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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