Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Romanticism Speech

I swear today is the friggin' coldest day of the year so far! I had no heaters in any of my classes today, can you say Annie popsicle much?

Anyways, today I had to give my speech on Romanticism: Compare&Contrast T&I with the Scarlet Letter. Basically I don't know about my speech time-wise since my heart was racing the whole time I was up there, but most people liked me speech [their comments below] :) My teacher didn't like my thesis though cuz it was "deep" enough for her... Holy moly, I'm sick & tired of her thesis obsession >=/ She did have good things to say as well though...

Last day of "real" neuro lab since we only have a quiz next week *dances* Yeah, baby! Well better go study for my last neuro lecture quiz :)

Stenmark [teacher]: You need to think about your thesis just a little more, dig a little deeper. But everything else...good presence, good use of the board, good presentation, talking was more like a conversation.
Kirsten: I don't know if you were nervous or not up there, but you seemed really relaxed and you weren't going too fast or slow. Good job.
Janelle: I really liked how you used stuff that we didn't cover in class because that really drew my attention to your speech, especially since I did my research paper on the Scarlet Letter.
Elise: You were kinda quiet at the beginning, but you got louder so that was a good thing. Good job.
Chris: You kinda got lost in your own thoughts a little bit.
Diana: I liked how you used the whiteboard to illustrate the 2 different love triangles. It made it a lot clearer & easier to follow with all the different characters.


  1. I loved what I saw of your speech and thought you did awesome! EECK About the heaters? Should I send you a scarf for christmas?

  2. Today WAS freezing >< and I can't use courier! I tried it and it DID add like 1.5 pages XDDDD but...it's oogly =[ haha.

  3. helen1:38 PM

    seeeee... i knew you'd do well =) your speech sounded interesting by what ppl commented about it! you can present it in front of us at pasta pomodoro ;-) hahaha.. j/k j/k... yeah!! i'm almost done w/ all my labs too... so excited! we have an o.chem lab test tomorrow at 7am!! i better wake up since i haven't been waking up all week by my alarm... not sure if i turn it off in my sleep or something... ahaha.. which was really bad cuz i almost didn't wake up for my microbio midterm this morning! good thing my internal clock woke me up even tho i went to bed at 4:30am.. yikes.. not doing that again! well, good luck on your last neuro quiz =) sorry for ranting... lol

  4. I think today is colder than yesterday!!! Burrr....
    Ah good job on your speech it is over now!