Friday, November 3, 2006

Speech Moved?!

So how was everyone's Halloween? I hope you all had lots of fun & didn't get too many cavities & tummy aches from eating too much candy :)

Anyways, didn't do much the past 2 days. Just went to school, learned new material & just procrasinated. I recorded what I ate yesterday from when I woke up to when I fell asleep for my diet report, stupid nutrition hw. So I have to go to school today to finish up my diet report on their program.

I also found out that my speech date was moved! LOL. I feel stupid now cuz I was rushing to outline my speech & everything, but then I checked WebCT & it got changed! Well I have until after Thanksgiving to work on it, thank goodness! Now I can make it even better since my topic is Romanticism: Comparing T&I with The Scarlet Letter ;) You know I'm gonna rock my speech when the time comes :P

Oh, my humanities class went to the MLK Library yesterday to learn more about how to research for our papers & I totally kept the librarian all to myself for the whole free time! I guess my topic was too good to be found: the medical reasons of why the Salem witch trials happened ;) The librarian told me she'll help me more through email so thank goodness cuz I was ripping my hair out trying to find peer-reviewed articles!

CONGRATS VINH FOR PASSING YOUR WST!!! I'm very proud of you sweetheart ;)


  1. Louisa9:31 PM

    wow...u get to make a speech on your favorite movie?! that's so awesome. i wish i could do that...except for soaps =P

  2. AHHH so glad your speech got moved. WOOT for more time. You will so rock that speech. LOL about stealing the librarian.ROCK ON!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. LOL That speech must be good.
    OOh! I know the medical reasons for the Salem witch trials. There was some fungus that got into the wheat, which was consumed by the village people. And because that fungus can contract the nerves, or something like that, people had convulsions so the village people started to blame witches. I saw it from a documentary in Am Stud. I think I still have my notes.