Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stress Relief...?


Yes, I've been the busiest bee ever these past few days. Yesterday night I finally finished my 10-page research paper, friggin ~2900 words! Then I started my speech outline so that I had something to discuss with my teacher when I met with her today. Vinh went to badminton with me as well & we made each other run like crazy! Whew, so tired. My neuro lecture was totally cancelled & I was like "I could've gone home earlier *pout*" But heck, it was alright since I got extra time to finish up my paper!

Today, I had a nutrition test about metabolism. It was pretty easy I think so yayy :) Then went to humanities lecture, but I didn't pay attention at all since it was romantic art & it was hecka boring. So I started to study for my neuro lab quiz. After lecture, Samantha & I went to eat at Quickley's & then she took me to Stenmark's office. I had to talk to Stenmark about my speech & that didn't turn out all that well, but she gave me a few ideas :) Then I just went to neuro & got a 37/40 on my quiz!

Now it's time for Annie to relax ^0^


  1. LOL last night I was so hyper. Congrats good job on that essay. So long and well-written too!

    Now I have to write a rough draft due tomorrow. I really do not like having to find out I need to do an assignment due a couple days later. Ah... but after tomorrow, it is Thanksgiving!!!

    Good job on your quiz too. You always do so well, Annie.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHH About your essay. I would have died. I bet you are so good at writing them too. TACKLES YOU FOR YOUR BRAIN CELLS!!!!
    I'm glad you did so well on your quiz. You rock ya know.
    Love yas A