Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Stupid Advisor!

It's time for Annie to update! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy & all...

So on Sunday, Arnold [security guard] is making me feel all sad about leaving work cuz he's like "Goodbye Annie! I'll never see you again!" & I'm just like :( But it's for the better, besides I'm gonna visit :)

Yesterday, my badminton teacher kept talking to Jill & I! It was really weird cuz he would rarely talk to us, lol. He's an interesting guy I must say, but it was funny cuz he's telling me to choose an easy topic for my humanities paper, haha!

Today, I went to school early thinking I could get advising since I can't make the other sessions, but the advisor wouldn't do individual advising. I told her I already knew what classes I wanted to take & she insisted on me going to a session... So I went to the one for juniors/seniors at 4:30 & it was the same damn thing as last time, ughh... So boring! But I had fun in neuroanatomy lab at least, goofing around with my lab mates :)

After that, I went home & stood in line for 30 minutes just to vote! Go me! I couldn't use the touchscreen though cuz it would take to long to wait :( Next time... Well, that's about it for me :)

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  1. YOU ROCK A! LOL about your advisor stupid teacher. LOL I finally signed up for all my classes. You teacher told you to pick an easy topic that's hilarious! HAHAHA I can't believe you got attacked by an albino cricket LOL!!!! *runs and hides*