Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Break

Aww, Thanksgiving break is over, but that means school is almost over as well!

THURS // Turkey Day! I actually had turkey for the first time on Thanksgiving! *gasp* Then I played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon all day until Vinh came to hangout with me :)
FRI // Holy moly Black Friday! I woke up like a few minutes late at 4:30am, but Vinh, his cousin Conic, & I went to Valley Fair, Vallco, & Frys. Then his cousin dropped us off at my house where we napped 'til 10am & then went to eat lunch at PhoNam. After lunch, we went to Circuit City to pick-up Vinh's online order, then to Sport Authority, then to Kinokuniya where I bought a cute planner :) Then we just went back home, napped, played more Pokemon, visited my grandparents & had fun. Friday was also the last day that my favorite bakery, Fuji Bakery, was in business so Vinh & I bought a huge cake from them & said our goodbyes :(
SAT // I basically did my sociology, nutrition, & humanities homework until Vinh came over. Then we watched Naruto, Zatch Bell & Titanic. I was all like :( when I was watching Titanic. Still one of my favorites!
SUN // I worked on my speech for humanities before I went to volunteer at Sunday Friends from 1:45-6pm. I had to do the Kwanzaa art table & then run the educational games table. Afterwards, just went home, had dinner, & watched Desperate Housewives with Vinh. After he left, Titanic came on again & my sisters & I watched the ending & I got teary-eyed :(

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing break!


  1. I went to Kino and bought a really nice planner. It was 17.95 and then a 10% discount. But still expensive. If I bought it in Japan I would have only paid a little over $10. I checked the currency converter for accuracy. Hahaha

    No more FUJI!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!
    That is a nice bakery.

    Ooh voulenteering sunday, the rainy day. I hope you were inside.

    So much Titanic, haha.

  2. helen5:02 PM

    haha it looks like you kept yourself busy this break! you're so efficient with your time! cuz i didn't get any work done =/ i was just basically being lazy and eating a lot... ahahaha... what did u buy so early in the morning?? i don't think i could wake up that early to go shopping.. i don't even like shopping on a regular day! lol aww.. i'm sorry your favorite bakery shut down... =( i hope you find a new bakery that is comparable to it! heeey.. we watched the very ending of titanic too! did u guys also see it on tv?? i wish i got to watch the whole thing.. i hadn't seen it in ages! well, good luck these last few weeks of school! hopefully i'll be able to work with you one day on santa set =D

  3. I'm gonna cry. :( I hate when fav food places close. I had this chinese place I LOVED to go to and they closed cause walmart bought them out and now it is a walmart neighborhood market. :( TITANIC WOOT! My aunt and cousins went to Branson, MO for Thanksgiving and went to see the big Titanic exhibit and they had a reproduction of the "staircase" If I would have been there I so would have been acting out scenes. LOL!!!
    They brought me some stuffs from there I can't wait to get it. LOL about Black Friday! At least you weren't trampled! Best of luck to ya on Finals! Love ya sweet annie!