Friday, December 8, 2006

End of Fall '06

Wow, fall '06 semester is done with basically! Only finals next week & it's all over :O So let's recap the last class meetings of the year :]

SOCI 80 --- So we basically had a forum presenting what our community service was about & what we learned. It was very fun & entertaining! I also got to talk to Thuy so that was a plus :)
KIN 20A --- We had a badminton final [lol] & it was on the old rules, the ones I've been playing with since high school! So the final was a piece of cake! Hoohah!
BIOL 109 --- We reviewed for our final & Hyde thanked us all for working so hard, bad or good grades :) It was very sweet & it's kinda weird cuz it was sucha interesting class & it's coming to an end... You can say it's surreal :P
NUFS 9 --- Holy moly, I'm glad nutrition is over! Too much health for me x__x;
HUM 2A --- Thank goodness no more Stenmark & her anal-ness about theses! Hallelujah sister! But seriously, it was a fun last day trying to get answers for the final from her :)

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  1. aww YAY for school almost being over! :) Sucks though cause I gotta go back Jan 8th. VERY cute pic A! Love yas!