Sunday, December 31, 2006

Farewell 2006!

Well, the year is coming to an end & I wanted to do a little reflection for the new year to come :)

This year was definitely one of the best years I think. Tristan & Isolde [my favorita!] came out in theaters & then on DVD; I met some really great friends [Diana, Minh, Oliver, etc] at SJSU as well as online [T&I Chickies Mariely, Paula, Louise]; went on a vacation [finally] to LA / Hollywood / Disneyland / Universal Studios; celebrated my 4-year AnnieVinhsary; started sophomore year in college very well off; changed my major to something I enjoy more; found a new love of foods [Holly K Ono]; found a new love in graphic-making [100 T&I icons in 3 days!]; more drooling over James Franco; leaving my job of 1.5 years & many more wonderful things!

Of course there was the bad [like a huge argument with Vinh in January that some of you may recall], but the good totally outweighs it all :) So I'm glad this year happened & I'm ready to start an even better year in 2007. Bring it, 2007!

New Years Resolutions? 1) do well in school, 2) meet more new people, 3) have fun!


  1. sounds like you had a great year! hope you'll do good with your resolutions.

  2. aww annie! I'm so happy T&I girls met! We will of course rock the new year out! Goshers in several months we will all have known each other for a year! LOL!!!
    YEA for summer!
    Love ya annie!