Thursday, December 14, 2006

G'bye Fall '06!

WHOOOOO, I'M FINALLY DONE WITH FALL '06, BABY! Oh boy, this semester has definitely been the hardest one so far, but I think I've done the best academically [not necessarily grade-wise] :)

MONDAY --- Vinh & I went shopping cuz I needed to buy Xmas presents for my T&I girls! Basically it was go eat pho, Morning Glory, Vallco to take our picture with Santa, then to Marina Food to buy snacks. Then we went to take a nap at my house before putting things into packages & sending them off :)
TUESDAY --- I had 3 finals today starting at 7:15am! First I took SOCI 80, then went to meet up with Diana to review for our HUM 2A lecture final, then took that final, then went to Duncan Hall to study for my neuroanatomy final & then took my BIOL 109 final. It was definitely a stress rush, I can tell ya that! Holy moly that was a stressful day!
WEDNESDAY --- Took my NUFS 9 final & it was pretty easy since I learned most of it from child development last semester. Waited for Vinh to finish his enviromental studies final & then we went to eat at IHOP & then went to his house to take a 2-hour nap since we had a 7:15am final.
THURSDAY --- Took my last final of the semester & it was HUM 2A seminar final! Boy was I not prepared as I thought I would be, but I only needed about 45/100 on it to get an A in the class, so no problemo! Afterwards, Stenmark bought us pizza as a goodbye to us all, aww. She also finally told us [me, Diana, Samantha, James] her third exorcism story! Whooo, I am done :D

Grades so far [from what I can guess]:
SOCI 80: A KIN 20A: A BIOL 109: B+ NUFS 9: B HUM 2A: A



  1. PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!!!!!!
    ROCK ON ANNIE! *high five* that is awesome grades girl! You totally worked hard for them and deserve them!!! YEA more chickie time online!!! AND WHAT about an exorcism story? must hear more about that. Glad we are both finally done. Hope you have an AWESOME Christmas break! :)

  2. LOL Annie finally on vacation!!! So many finals... That will be me soon. I just have four hours of school tomorrow and I will be done! I am meaning to get some time to play with my DS.

  3. DUDE your grades are so...*___* lol. Thanks =] hopefully I'll do as you say! and have an amazingly cool break XD

  4. omg! craaazyyy! 3 finals in one day??? how horrible! i thought 2 in one day was bad! but i'm glad you ended up with such awesome grades! congratz, ms. smarty-pants! ahahaha... i'm proud of you =] and yaaaay... hope you're enjoying break! ^-^