Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas!


I hope everyone got everything they asked Santa for this year! So my Xmas was very relaxing & nice. I woke up & was like "yayy, I finally get to open the presents from my T&I chickies!" So that took about a good 35-40 minutes of my morning! Then afterwards, I went online to talk with Mariely & Louise for a bit [Louise even called me to say Merry Xmas! Thanks sweets!]. Calls from Ireland rock! After that, had breakfast & headed to my grandparents's house to visit. I got to see my two little cousins that I haven't seen in months, literally! They're still annoying little pests, but they're still adorable :) Then we headed home & I started to read the Desperate Housewives book Paula got for me until dinner time. After dinner, Vinh came over & we decided to pop in "The Notebook" DVD to watch & it was a darn good movie! After that, we finished up my chocolate calendar from Sonya. I opened a shooting star one & I was like "Will you be my shining star?" & he opened up an angel one so he asked "Will you be my angel?" Too cute!

Thanks to all of you who got me presents!
I love them to pieces!


  1. wow annie look at all your amazing gifts!!!! im glad you had a good xmas
    Love ya lots

  2. heehee I love all your gifts A!! I'm glad you had a great Christmas cause you totally deserved it!
    Thankies for all the gifts you sent me!
    LOVE YA A!

  3. helen5:34 PM

    yaaaay! i'm glad you had a great xmas!! and you got some awesome gifts there! ;-) i love the notebook too! so cute...
    i'll see you sooooon, annie!! ^-^