Saturday, December 2, 2006

Santa Claus!

Oh man, I haven't updated in a while so here goes, at least what I remember :P

THURS // We finished learning about vitamins & minerals finally & there's so much stuff to remember for the final! Then we started learning about pregnancy & lactation... Remember girls: don't let the guy do all the heavy lifting; kick him out of the way & do it yourself to save yourself from osteoporosis! :) Then in humanities seminar, we had a buttload of speeches! The funniest one was James's speech since I couldn't understand anything he was talking about [firearms], but he had such overexaggerated movements that I really wanted to burst out laughing! He also said that sulfur was a carbon compound! LOL, For someone that I thought new his science, he's sooo wrong!
FRI & SAT // I was working on Santa set & it's good to be in charge with no stupid people bossing me around. I was really happy to see Cleburne [Santa #2] still alive & kicking at 94 years old now! He makes the job not so boring when the mall is kinda dead. I did get called a traitor by R--- cuz she saw me working for Santa now instead of Customer Service, lol. Her fault I quit so too bad on her! Anyways it's also my dad's brithday today so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! :)


  1. YUM I WANT THAT CAKE!!!!! LOL!!! LOL about that's guys speech! I would have been laughing. LOL And no worries I'll start lifting stuff. ;) I want to be Mrs. Claus. I'll come be an elf!!

  2. lol wow... sulfur...carbon... hm, not quite the same thing.. haha. yeah! cleburn's awesome! petie was talking about him too... lol, apparently he has a cool watch. =P tell your dad happy belated b-day for me even tho he doesn't know me... lol. that cake looks yummy!

  3. Annie! Lol, James *sigh* ... anyway, its ... 6 in the morning and I'm not done with my essay - not even close. Not even half done hehe.

    See you later today!

    And that cake looked AWESOME - hope your dad had a good bday!