Saturday, December 23, 2006

Winter Fun!

I love being on winter break & spending time with my awesome friends! :) So I guess I should recap just a little bit!

THURS // Last day of work at the Santa set, thank goodness. I gave Ilona her xmas present & she loved it! Ilona also told me that there was a job opportunity for me at Howard's Shoes cuz Mr. Howard wants me to work for him! G'bye Santa set!
FRI // Man was Friday fun! Vinh & I went to meet up with Jill & we went ice skating at Downtown Ice. It was Vinh's first time ice skating so it was pretty neat! After all the ice skating fun, we met up with Jen to go around Christmas in the Park. We're so gonna make an Anatomy Nerds tree next year! After that, I finally fulfilled one of my life goals of riding a ferris wheel! It wasn't so bad when the ride was going, but once the guy started switching people out, he made sudden brakes & freaked us all out! After that, we headed home cuz it was getting too cold out *shivers*
SAT // I got to hangout with my old high school friends, hooray! So Vinh, Michelle [my twin], Josh, Chuen, Henry, Serena, & I went to eat at Pasta Pomodoro for dinner. It's our tradition to do it :) It was fun catching up with old friends after a whole semester of not seeing them! Afterwards, Vinh & I went to visit Diana in Borders for a bit before heading home.


  1. Looks like a really fun holiday break so far! ^^ Wow, I haven't been to Downtown Ice in ages. That's the one that's outdoors right? XD

  2. awww how cute! you looked like you had so much fun

    and i LOVE pasta pomodoro