Sunday, January 7, 2007


It takes Annie a week into the new year to post again, haha. So I rung in the new year with LOTS of apple cider & I got my midnight kiss as well :) After that, I hungout with Helen [Wu] & Sonya on Wednesday [1/3] at Valley Fair. We got to play with the Wii & it was totally addicting & awesome! I want one now :( Then on Thursday [1/4], both Helens [Wu & Ye] & I went to Tiffany's house to watch T&I & just hung out afterwards while the wind was knocking everything over outside :P On Friday [1/5], Vinh & I went to AMC to watch Happy Feet & it was adorable, ahh! The Friday before [12/29], we went to watch Night at the Museum & it was hilarious stuff! I have also watched Spiderman 1 & 2 with Vinh since he never saw #1 & I never saw #2 :) Yuup, that's my first week of the new year!


  1. I'm SOOO happy that you finally watched yummy franconess in 2 outta the spidy movies 2 is my fav just cause of franco. *heehee*
    We could have both rang in the new year together we both drank so much sparkling stuffs! LOL!! Hope you have an awesome year A!
    Love ya!

  2. aww you're so cute annie!

    i like how they have wii randomly in the middle of valley fair....

    i can't wait to see you!

  3. hahaha I love your pictures XD You two are really chuggin em down XDDD

    Aww midnight kiss *___* lol<3

    Wow, you got to see a lot of movies =] I still need to see Happy Feet!

    Isn't winter break awesome ^^

  4. Hey! How sexy! You're officially stuck in the web. Haha. Two is also my favorite cause PETER AND MJ FINALLY GET TOGETHER! AHHHH AND A MILLION! Lol. Hmmers, have I ever told you Im jealous of how cute your page thingy is? Yeppers!