Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spring '07 Starts!

Yes indeedy, Annie started school yesterday! It wasn't too bad unless you count getting up super duper early ^^; So I guess it's time to recap my feelings about my 4 classes now!

ART 24 --- Well first off, my teacher, Belcher, came late to class cuz she herself went into the wrong classroom twice! But she seems pretty interesting. She made us do a questionaire to see how much we know about art & for her to get to know us. Then she made us draw three different things to see how we relate things & such in our art, heh... This class doesn't seem so bad, just that all the art supplies are so costly =/
PHYS 1 --- My physics class seems pretty easy despite having homework & quizzes every meeting, but my teacher, Garcia, seems really fun! He did a demo the first day showing us that you cannot kill a vampire using a hammer & stake! He used his own body for the demo using a metal stake & hammer, haha. Plus barely any math in the class!
PSYC 110 --- Oh gosh how I am already in love with this class! My teacher, Callaghan, came in wearing a jumpsuit & he seriously cracks jokes every 2-3 minutes! Way to lighten an otherwise dark class topic of abnormal psychology. He's another Lindahl & I'm lovin' that fact! He also gives take home quizzes to make us read & he has all his notes online for us. I can't wait for class on Monday! :)

HUM 2B --- So today we got to meet the 2 new teachers replacing Stenmark & Hinerman *tear* My new teacher [not Hinerman] is Olcott, the program director, & she's an oddball, yet she's interesting in her own way. She has a photographic memory so I'm kinda screwed during class participation since she already picked on me to answer a question today. She calls me by my last name, which I really don't like, but what can I do... She let all us kids who've been in the program forever not do the research project as an apology for us losing Hinerman! Hallelujah, I love her already! Sucks for the new kids, they gotta do it.

So that was basically my first impressions of my teachers from the first 2 days of school. I think I'm excited for the semester *gasp* :D

Also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEVE [1/24] & TO MOMMY [1/25]!!!


  1. helen7:20 PM

    uuuuuh... ur physics teacher actually hit himself w/ a stake and hammer?? haha... wish i got to see the demo! and ur psych teacher sounds fun! wow... didn't kno anyone could have so many jokes about psych (or any subject)!
    i'm glad u like ur classes for this semester! u be sure to have fun! =D

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! about the stake and hammer professor!!!!
    I'm so happy that you liked your classes and professors!!!
    WOOT FOR A!!!!!!!