Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Hay Fat Choy

Gong Hay Fat Choy
Happy New Year
Year of the Boar

So yes, this weekend was Chinese [or Vietnamese] New Years & I was a very busy girl :) I'll just briefly recap what I remember throughout the week! I so didn't get picked on at all by Olcott this week, I actually rose my hand up first for one! So I found out that we have Asian eyes [the non-double eyelids] cuz it was to cover our tearducts [for our ancestors] cuz it was cold way back when in Asia. Very interesting, one question solved! I also had my TB test done on friday & I got it checked out today & it's negative, which means I can start volunteering on friday! I also went out for a family Vday dinner on thursday night at King Wah & a early new years dinner with my grandparents on friday night at Kirin. Lots of yummy food lately. So who doesn't love red pockets on new years? So far I got $790 from my parents, grandparents, uncle, Vinh's mom & aunt [I love you all!] :) Vinh told me his family had some for me, too, but I don't wanna take their money so I'm avoiding going to his house, lol. I also went to this lion dance at Bay 101 [casino] for new years yesterday night. Well that's all I can remember, lol


  1. Wow that is pretty interesting, about the eye thing, haha.
    I hate needles!
    Ah you went to a casino! I saw all the pictures, really cool.

  2. awwwww the new year sounded so fun. I wanna celebrate with you!!!
    cool fact about the eye thing though I'm still pretty confused. You must fill me in on wlm one night.