Thursday, February 1, 2007

I like your sweatshirt

Well, first full week of school is done & boy is Annie getting tired already, lol. I'll just recap what I remember :)

It was the first day I had to carry my art supplies & it was like carrying bricks throughout the day! It weighs like 5-7 lbs [23x26 wooden drawing board & two 18x23 drawing pads] & I had to climb up stairs all day with that crap! We learned about contour & gestural drawing & I made a new friend, Leilani [freshman] :) Afterwards, went to physics & learned about Newton's first law of motion. After physics, I lugged my art stuff to abnormal psych & laughed so hard in psych cuz my teacher loves joking around, making the harsh stuff not seem so bad :P Then I waited around for Vinh to get out so he could carry my stuff for me & we went home :)

So the lecture was by Olcott & she told us not to take notes so that we'll remember better, supposedly. Well the topic was Marx but she barely said anything about Marx so I was a confused girl who only took 3 sentences worth of notes =/ Later in seminar, Olcott was being random cuz we were random. At the end of seminar, she randomly said "I like your sweatshirt" & so I turned around to see who's sweatshirt & she says "Yea, you Wong. I love Happy Bunny! Don't let anyone take that sweatshirt from you!" LOL. I think she likes me, haha. Also it was FLYBOYS DVD DAY! :DD

Day 2 of lugging my art stuff & it wasn't so bad this time around. Maybe cuz I got buff from monday, lol. We did more gestural & contour drawings in art. It was so much harder than I thought *dies* So Leilani & I shared our lunches afterwards & then off to physics to learn about linear motion. I always get out of physics at least 15 minutes early so I take my time lugging my stuff to abnormal psych, where we finish learning about the history of psych :)

Today Lindahl gave another lecture on transcendentalism & he loved making fun of politicians! He also said that he might become a transcendentalist instead of a daoist, lol. I love Prof. Lindahl & his childish ways :) Then went to seminar & found out that Olcott really wanted us to work on our thought journals instead of BSing them, so I got a C & C+ on my last 2 journals *cries* She also called on me in class again! Ughh...


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  1. goshers you had a busy week a!! LOL HAPPY BUNNY!!
    That professor is so funny!!
    LOL about making vinh carry your art stuff... though after this semester you should be a bodybuilder.