Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stressing Out...?

Oh yes, Annie is starting to feel the burn of Spring '07! She doesn't appreciate it very much either >:O

So I'll just recap whatever I remember since I don't recall which days sometimes :) In art for both days, we've been practicing contour & gestural drawing like crazy, making all of us crazy cuz it's so gosh darn boring *snore* In physics, we've covered the second & third law of motion [Newton] & my teacher's very entertaining cuz of all the demos he does! In psych, Callaghan is still cracking lots of jokes while trying to explain boring history & experiments. In humanities, I've been driven crazy by my humanities teacher. She is a very interesting lady & I like her spunk, but I'm super annoyed at how she doesn't like my writing style hence giving me basically C's on them. She also likes to call on me at least once per class meeting, gahh! *runs off & cries* On Friday, I had my orientation at Idlywood Care Center, where I'll do my last 40 hours with a registered OT, hallelujah! Too bad I saw someone in my neuro class that I disliked there *shrug* On Saturday, I went to watch the battle of testosterone [aka Vinh & his 2 guy cousins Hoang & Conic] on the badminton court. So I basically got to play badminton again for like 2 hours & boy am I outta shape again *tear* But it's all good though cuz I can still hit the bird like I used to! Finally, today I basically went to eat dim sum, volunteered at Sunday Friends for the afternoon, visited my grandparents, & finally enjoyed a new episode of Desperate Housewives :)


  1. lol... burn.
    You should scan some of your drawings or take a picture. I want to see. I remember your crazy art skills from middle school. Annie is so talented. You must have improved so much since then.
    Idlywood.... Isn't that the one on the corner of Fremont and some other street? I go to school that way.
    Sunday Friends... I think I heard of that too. Where is that again? San Jose?
    LOL!!! Desperate Housewives, hahah. I hated how they ended at that part.

  2. awwwwww annie! that super rocks that you found a place to volunteer at!
    I hope Susan dumps that awful guy and goes back to mike. Wait I have a mind blank... was her name Susan? OH MY GOSH. HOW CAN I NOT REMEMBER.. *slaps hand bad. paula.*