Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Or Single Awareness Day [SAD] ^^;
So basically it was just like any regular day except the cute heartsy stuff I got! I opened my gifts from Mariely & Paula this morning & I lovies their gifts! Thanks girls :) Vinh made me a boat [below on the far right] & it's so cute cuz inside he drew our future bedroom [cuz he didn't have space for other rooms], aww! It was very thoughtful & I know he took time out of studying to make it for me *hugs him* I bought him Garfield & Odie boxers, lol. Anyways hope y'all had a wonderful day, single or taken ;)


  1. Gee... I hate Single Awareness Day.
    My friend finally bought a DS, so we are playing Pokemon together at school everyday! hahahah xD It is so fun. I am at the 6th gym now.
    Almost Chinese New Year's!!! I am excited for the year end's dinner so I can stuff my face with delicious Chinese food, muahahaha! And then right after that is break. I love how it is set up like that this year.
    lol that is cute what Vinh did.
    My friend's boyfriend bought a bouquet of roses, baloons, and a dvd during brunch, and then surprised her at the end of brunch/ beginning of class. That was nice. lol. But yeah... I get sick of everyone flaunting their flowers and huge teddy bears all over the place, and sucking each others faces off in public. -_-* lol!
    Yeah I had a bunch of cupcakes and candy today. Just had more candy.

  2. awww I never have heard valentines that way (SAD) but totally fits. But I was happy this year. I had totally fun presents to open and chats with you girls! I LOVE MY T&I GIRLS! Vinh is totally a keeper! How cute was that? I would soooo rather have something a guy made for me than a store bought gift, it means so much more!