Sunday, February 4, 2007

WST = Yuck!

So this weekend wasn't too boring! On Friday, I had to treat Vinh to dinner at Hanamaru cuz I lost a bet with him [about his ServSafe certificate] & so we totally stuffed ourselves! Then on Saturday, I had to go to SJSU by 8am for my WST [writing skills test]. It was hecka easy & I loved my essay that I wrote for it, totally showed off my nerdiness with my humanities honors knowledge! Then the multiple choice was easy as well, stupid grammar. At least I finished both sections with about 10 minutes to spare :P Basically the rest of the weekend, I studied & did my homework for my classes this week *yawn* I'm very proud of my art homework though [picture below]! Haven't drawn seriously in so long! Well I better get to sleep now, ughh...

Vinh's first teddybear present to me!


  1. awww I super love your teddy bear pic... even better with the story behind it! I am jealous, I can barely draw ewold.

  2. Well Im super upset with you cause I can't draw worth saving my life. LOL!