Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yay Stress!

So I guess I should just update every Sunday from now on since my semester's busier than I expected it to be. Anyways in art, we just kept learning more about perspective & on Wednesday, the whole classtime was dedicated to drawing the hallway outside [3 hours!]. I got super bored after that ^^; In physics, we finished up the unit on mechanics & got to do an extra credit quiz in preparation for the test [tomorrow]. In psych, we rushed to finish the last chapter on science & classification/assessment for our test [tomorrow as well]. In humanities, we learned about Nietzche philosophy & realism. Olcott still rags on my for my writing so I am just going to handwrite them all & not even try to type them out for her to read anymore. She doesn't believe I handwrite them. Anyways, I took about 3-5 hours on my art homework on perspective [bedroom] cuz we had to shade it, too! *pulls hair out* Then had my last volunteer work at Sunday Friends today to finish my community service agency hours! Yayy :)


  1. Wow Annie you are sooo busy! And yet you are still playing Pokemon!!! hahaha. But I do the same as well. LOL. Good luck on all of your tests tomorrow!

    LMAO! She does not believe you handwrite them yourself.
    Wow Art class is intense, but must be rewarding after you create masterpieces! Congrats on finishing all your volunteer hours!

  2. Haha pokemon?? I wanna play!! XDDD
    But it must be cool having an art class :D I want to see your art! ^^

    Gooood luck with classes =]