Sunday, March 11, 2007

Flirt Smarter

Well here's my weekly post! In art, we basically did still lifes everyday, making our backs hurt like crazy from slouching for like 3 hours :( I got an 87/100 for my first physics test! Basically, we're starting thermodynamics so thank goodness for easy subjects! In psych, we started anxiety, panic attacks, & phobias, very interesting stuff. In humanities, we talked about Heart of Darkness & then the impacts of imperialism. My writing is getting into the B/B+ range so that's really good for just handwriting them, haha.

Volunteered at Idlywood again on Friday for 5 hours & it was a lot more enjoyable seeing as how it was easier to talk to everyone know that I'm not a newbie. Alfred still kept me company for most of the time & one of the patients was telling him "she's smart, you gotta flirt smarter." LOL! There are a lot of sweet people there :)

In other news, Annie is gonna buy a new MacBook this week *dances*


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! FLIRT SMARTER!!!!
    That is too funny!
    YAY for annie and her brain cells getting awesome grades!
    I am suepr excited for you that you are getting a macbook! you better take a picture so I can see and drool! LOL!!!

  2. Lol I need to learn how to flirt smarter.
    jk XDD