Monday, March 26, 2007

Midterm Frenzy!

So Annie is finally done with midterms & the tiresome week before midterms! On Monday, I had my art midterm due [see result on previous blog] & we did more still lifes for the rest of the week, boring! Then I had my humanities honors midterm on Tuesday, which wasn't as bad as I thought, but a little harder since we had 2 new teachers this semester. Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit = brain-squashing fun! On Wednesday, I had my second physics test, which went pretty well probably since it was mostly chem based [thanks Narf!], haha. Then Thursday was just easy-cruising to spring break! On Friday, I went to volunteer at Idylwood again & Alfred kept making fun of me! But it's kool since he makes me feel welcomed :) Saturday I finally got to buy my spankin' new MacBook, hallelujah! I've been waiting 2 weeks for it to come in :D

Spring break plans:
MON --- Idylwood [5 hrs] & Pasta Pomodoro [5:30pm]
TUES --- Idylwood [5 hrs]
WED --- Idylwood [5 hrs]
THUR --- Idylwood [5 hrs]
FRI --- Holly K. Ono Cafe [lunch]

Wanna hangout? Just gimme a call :D

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  1. macbook!!!
    You are a really busy girl, doing so much during break.