Friday, March 2, 2007

So Much Better!

Hello all, I'm not writing on a Sunday night *gasp* Haha, anyways the week has been pretty entertaining for me. In art, I basically didn't get picked on for any of my drawings cuz they were, in Belcher's words, "it's absolutely beautiful, perfect." At least I'm good at scaling my drawings :) I had my first physics midterm & I honestly think I got a B, but since he curves the test, I have no idea. I got an 37/45 on my first psych test, but that's good considering I didn't have time to study at all for the test! In humanities, I finally got a B/B+ on my journal & all I had to do was handwrite it instead of typing it out, pshh. So basically she just hates typing in general since she said the handwritten one was "so much better." We were also talking about ethnic jokes [whether it was racist or not] & my teacher askes "have you guys ever heard of nun jokes?" & we're like "nooo, what?!" so she went off on a few jokes, lol!

Q: What is black & white, black & white, black & white? [my favorite one!]
A: A nun rolling down a hill.

Q: What is lying in the frontyard, brown & covered in cookie crumbs?
A: A dead girl scout.

Q: What is black & white & gray?
A: St. Mary Elephant.

Q: What is green & red & seen everywhere?
A: Grass. I lied about the red.

Q: What is big, round, purple & lives at the bottom of the ocean?
A: Moby Grape.

I also started my first 5 hours of volunteer work at Idylwood Rehabilitation Center today. I did exercises with the residents & then did sing-along & served lunch. There was this one elderly man named Norman who kept talking with me for like the first 1.5 hours & I was just like "awww." I got to meet a guy there named Alfredo who goes to De Anza, trying to become a PT [physical therapist], & he helped ease my anxiety of my first day :P

PS - Enjoy the new layout :)


  1. Nice new layout.
    Annie is a natural artist!
    LMAO those jokes.
    Good luck volunteering. You will do well!

  2. ooo.. i wanna see ur artwork!! =]
    aiyah... physics... it's such an easy class but i've been doing badly cuz i skipped a couple lectures and i don't do any of the hw... haha... i really need to get myself studying again!
    and aww... elderly ppl are so niiiice! they have so much to tell and are generally really friendly! ^-^ that's nice of u to volunteer there! i hope ur having fun doing community service!