Sunday, April 15, 2007

Broken Window?

So this week was alright, it had its ups & downs of course.

ART 24 --- We did more still lifes using charcoal. Oh gosh do I hate charcoal, gahh! It's messy & oh so hard to erase/clean-up. I got a B- on my midterm portfolio :(
PHYS 1 --- We learned about electrostatics & I was entertained by the Van de Graff machine :D
PSYC 110 --- We finished up suicide & had our second test the next day. I got an 80.2%, but it's alright, at least it's a B :) This is a super interesting class.
HUM 2B --- We learned about modern poetry & the Depression era. I loved how Mrs. Olcott was talking about poetry & then was like "ANNIE, YOU CUT YOUR HAIR! I LIIIIIKE IT! Not many people can cut it like that, I really like it." LOL, She's funny & she said she'll count my OT statement as a missed journal :D

In other news, my mom's car was broken into Tuesday morning. Some guy broke the driver's side window & didn't take anything by my mom's gum stash ^^; Hopefully no more of this crap in our neighborhood.


  1. LMAO!!! Your teacher... that is so random. hahahaha
    Gum stash?

  2. Goshers you're poor mom... That totally sucks...

    LOL gumstash?