Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Bday Franco!

Let's start off happy in saying Happy 29th James Franco! Anyways this has been a rollercoaster of a week, that's for sure.

There was the shooting of 32 innocent people at Virgina Tech on Monday, which worried me quite a bit seeing as how Mariely & Will go there. Thankfully they are both safe! I don't condone what the shooter has done, but I think that the media is making the guy sound completely crazy. I mean this guy was truly troubled if he does have paranoid schizophrenia [read The Quiet Room] & I don't think he got all the help you could have. He's just a human being suffering, but administration should have handled it sooner after the first shooting in the dorms. Tragedy is the word...

Tuesday was Free Scoop Day at Ben & Jerry's *drool* So I went with Samantha, Jill, & Stephen. We basically hung out in from of B&J until Vinh got out of class. I got chocolate brownie fudge, good stuff! It was fun just talking & laughing away, just having fun :) Stephen also found "sweet passes" that gives us 10% discount on B&J ice cream!

Today in humanities, we talked about the Holocaust & I just feel all sad/depressed for a good majority of my day so far. I never knew that they actually used crematories on living people. I always knew about gas chambers & such, just never about burning people alive... The cruel reality of total war =/

On a brighter note, Steve's coming over tomorrow! Flyboys & Mac fun tomorrow :)

Mariely, if you need someone to lean on, I'm here!


  1. Haha Franco...he's getting up there in age ;)

    I still can't believe that happened at Virginia Tech...I saw the photos and videos of the gunner. It's so scary, that someone who seems normal everyday could turn out and do something like this.

    Hope the world will learn from things like this =[

  2. YA BABY SEXY FRANCO!!! It's been such a very sad/depressing week. :( That was so nice what your school did for VTECH.

    Yummy I want icecream that sounds super good!
    I have missed you soooo much!!! LOVIES!