Monday, April 9, 2007

Post Spring Break...

Can you say tiring?! So I totally need another week of break to get adjusted back, lol.

Anyways in art, we did dirt/charcoal drawings were we went from dark to light instead of light to dark. Very weird. Then got my physics test back & I got an 86/100, which isn't bad for my lack of studying. Then we finished up mood disorders & started suicide in abnormal psych. Talk about ending the week depressed. Then in humanities, we talked about modern art & existentialism. I think I can be an existentialist :P

I got a haircut on thursday, yayy! I like how light my head feels now, lol. Then I volunteered at Idylwood from 10-1:30 on friday, just to help out/for fun :) Everyone liked my new haircut! Basically I was slacking off until sunday, where I spent 6 hours to finish my art assignment ^^; Talk about serious torture, lol. That's my week in a nutshell :D


  1. lol every week I get back to school from a break that is a typical response I would say! "I am tired, I need another break." hahaha.

    Ah Art and Physics... reminds me of Architecture. My parents now say, "You are not capable of being an architect." -_- It was their idea in the first place, and they got me all excited and stuff. Now I am confused and lost again! Blah.
    YOU GOT A HAIRCUT! I want to see.
    Aw, you are so nice, just to help out.

  2. WOW 6 hours on your art I would have been pulling my hair out by that time. I love your new haircut, very cute and looks awesome on you! I want spring break back! Guess I'll have to wait for Summer break. :( And what about dirt drawing? LOL Is that like charcoal?