Saturday, April 21, 2007

SJSU, Baby!

Ok, I just wanted to get something off my chest since it's been bugging the heck outta me! So obviously I go to SJSU & at first I didn't wanna go cuz I heard it was an "easy" school. Well for the 2 years I've attended SJSU now, I love it! For everyone who thinks that everything is easy at SJSU cuz I get good grades, it's not easy. I actually study for my classes & I try to do well. Teachers are just as hard here as they are at any UC or private university. I'm just sick of people saying that it's so easy & that SJSU students will not find a job/do well later with a SJSU degree.

I'm proud of being a SJSU student & I'm sure learning quite a bit from teachers who actually care about their students & not just their research. Teachers here want you to succeed. I'm also majoring in something I love & it's the only state-funded program for the major & it's right here at SJSU. I've got the best training there will be to be an occupational therapist!

SJSU students are not imcompetent at all either. I've met some of the smartest people I've known here at SJSU & they've never gone to a UC. So basically what I'm saying is think before you bash on a school you've never attended, thank you.


  1. Well I know my annie works hard for her grades. I miss her she is always studying so much! Anyone who thinks otherwise has lost their mind. I think you're awesome A and will be an excellent occupational therapist!

  2. annie!! i'm so glad u spoke ur mind b/c i totally agree with u and understand! ppl also think that classes at pacific are much easier than everywhere else, but i must say that some classes are definitely killing me (like o.chem!). and i also realized that all colleges have classes that are equally hard when i attended de anza for summer school... ppl just don't know what they're talking about when they put down schools. ppl can be really ignorant sometimes cuz they assume they know something when they actually don't. cuz how can they know if they've never attended the schools?? i do know that you've been studying really hard, and it's inspiring! it makes me want to study harder too! but i've just been slacking too much, so it's hard to get started again =P well, annie u take care now and don't let other ppl's ignorance get to u! i'm always here if u need to talk ^-^

  3. Great post. I go to SJSU too, and many of the smartest people that I have ever met currently attend SJSU.