Monday, April 2, 2007

Spring Break!

It's 6:36am & I can't believe that Spring Break flew by! We should've had an extra week more :( Anyways let's recap!

I started off Monday with doing 5 hours of volunteer work at Idylwood from Monday to Thursday [20 hours] to finish off my OTR hours. I disliked how I had to wake up earlier than I wanted to, but it was for a good cause definitely. I got more acquainted with the residents there instead of only coming in once a week. On my last day for hours, Myriam [the OTR] told me that I would be a very good OTR or PT & I said that I was applying for OT! Yayy, I think I found my major! So that took the majority of my break already.

I did have time to hangout with my lovely high school friends, too! The first Sunday of break, Michelle invited Vinh & I to go play pool at Victor's place & to meet her cousin from Vietnam, Queenie [sp?]. It was my first time playing pool *gasp* But I wasn't too horrible cuz I got A-I-M, lol! On Monday night, a bunch of us [Vinh, Henry, Yolanda, Michelle, Chuen, Matt, Roger] went out for dinner to Pasta Pomodoro & then Gelato for dessert. Michelle tried spitting ice cubes into cups & ended up spitting one on some guy's back, but good thing he didn't notice ^^; On Friday for lunch, Vinh drove me, Michelle, Chuen, & Henry to San Jose so we could get some Hally K Ono Cafe *drool* Michelle made a mess attempting her ice spitting again, but it was fun. We went back to her place so Chuen could watch T&I afterwards :D

I didn't really have homework so to speak, just short readings. So I finish physics on like Tuesday & then I did my art extra credit yesterday afternoon/evening. Had to do 5 still lifes complete with perspective & shading so that was a pain in the ass, but luckily it didn't take more than 30 minutes for each :P

Thanks to all who made my Spring Break not all work ;D

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice break ^^ It's WAY too hard to do homework over breaks! Haha T&I again XDD

    Oh, this is Lisa by the way :) I changed my blog, so you can update your link hehe ^^