Sunday, April 29, 2007

Whole Lotta Stress!

Pokemon Pearl + Annie = Not Productive, lol. Yea that's basically me throughout the week. I got Pokemon Pearl last Sunday & it's an addictive game ^^;

So I'll just recap the big things that I remember. I took my third physics midterm on Wednesday & it was a little harder than usual seeing as how I didn't read like 3 chapters about electricity/magnetism. Oh well, I think I got at least a B :) I got my first A- on an art assignment! My goal finally came true & it was on a charcoal assignment, ahhh! I have been getting good critiques for my art homework lately so I think I'm getting better in art! I got a B on my second psychology test, but I'm good. I didn't expect to get an A. If I enjoy the class, I don't mind so much about the grade as long as I try :) In humanities, we learned about modern art & I liked it. I don't see why others hate it, I think it's interesting!

I have been productive this weekend though! I finished my psychology paper, my first ink art assignment, & most of my government reading! Now I'm gonna go play more Pokemon, lol!

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  1. I really like your layout. It attracts my eyes.

    POKEMON!!! <3 I dunno how to work mystery gift by the way. Dunno what it does.

    Ah I wanna learn all the stuff you are learning! lol homework and more Pokemon.