Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Humanities Honors '05-'07

It is finally time for some good things to end, specifically the road down the Humanities Honors Program. I still remember getting that email the month before I graduated high school about having a high enough GPA to join a special program. I really liked the sound of the program based on the email cuz it had priority registration & I get almost all my GE classes out of the way for prerequisite classes I have to take. How 2 years have flown by since then & we had our last lecture/seminar yesterday afternoon. I'll definitely miss my routine 10:30-11:45 lecture & 12-1:15 seminar every Tues/Thurs & seeing all the people I've seen for the past 2 years.

Most of all, I'll miss all the things I have learned throughout the 2 years cuz I have never taken away so much from just one class in my life! I can proudly say that this program has made me into a more well-rounded student & I'm so happy I decided to enroll in this class.

The teachers ---
---Lindahl is THE best professor I have ever had, period. I love how he watches more TV than me & that he can make analogies to South Park. He also cracks a lot of Bush jokes, which I enjoy very much! Also there were two things that I probably agree with him: 1) if you watch only Cartoon Network & Comdey Central, your life will be much happier 2) the meaning of life is life. I don't watch the news & I love living life, that's my philosophy as well :)
---Scaff at first seemed like a mean lady, but when I had her as my teacher, she was actually a very nice lady who actually helped me with my essays. Of course she is a little scatterbrained & most of her lectures are boring, but I liked her anyhow. I especially loved her dog, Chico!
---Stenmark was a very entertaining teacher & a good teacher as well. Of course I don't always agree with her [like how she doesn't like the Shadow series, pshh], she still understood what my position was without being too defensive about it. Of course she ding-ed me on my thesis for my speech, she still gave me an A cuz she liked everything else, which was a total shocker! Plus she does exorcisms, can she get any cooler?!
---Olcott is a very empowering woman, holy moly! Even though she still thinks I can improve my writing some more, she has helped improve my writing tremendously. Who knew that handwriting it makes such a difference from typing? She is very motherly, but also very in your face about life & smart, which I actually like, haha. She's a kooky grandma that loves to have fun!
---Hinerman I never got to have as a seminar teacher & I was looking forward to having him as a teacher. He had entertain lectures as well & he did try to help me get my priority registration when I didn't get it, haha.
---Peters is the teacher I know the least, but I liked his lectures, though they were few. He was really into his lectures, which I think made them all the more interesting to listen to.

The friends ---
I'll definitely miss all the people I got close to these past 2 years: Samantha, Diana, Minh, Oliver, Alan, Christine, Xuan, Kim... Heck, I'll miss James, too :P

I guess all that's left is our last 2 finals for this class & then it's time to say goodbye...


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    haha! well written... I love the desciptions of the teachers, haha. THey are right on! =]

    Sooo... Yes, it's very said that it's over... but at the same time this nxt semester I will get to choose my own classes for once! Before, I ahd to take all my prereqs, and now I am free!! =]

    *sigh* I think that i will miss everyone too... James too, haha.

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I'll definitely miss everyone...yes that includes James too, lol. I think after 2 years of being together, you pretty much learn to love and appreciate everyone for who they are. It's been awesome...gonna miss you guys lots, and of course you too. We should like...get together and make a huge tribute or something...

    - Xuan