Friday, May 4, 2007

Spiderman 3 Review!

By golly it's been forever since I did one of these *giggle* This time it's all new since it JUST came out a few hours ago! [Yes, I went to see the midnight showing :D]

First off, I think you can be able to watch this movie without watching the first two, but it enhances it even more if you did watch the first two. The storyline is awesome. What can be better than mixing lots of different genres together? I laughed so hard, I teared up [cuz I don't cry in public], I got freaked out by sudden loud noises, I was drawn to the immense action as well as the love story with Peter & Mary Jane. Although I never read the Spiderman comic books, you can pretty much enjoy it from the movie and still understand what is going on.

Secondly, acting was amazing! Tobey Maguire was an awesome Spiderman & he really did pull off his emotions very well. I especially loved him when he was "bad" cuz it made me laugh like no other. Kirsten Dunst is beautiful as always & I can relate to her character, Mary Jane, in certain ways like on how men don't really know what's wrong when you feel sad/need attention. And last but not least, James Franco was absolutely HOT in this movie *drool* His smile is to die for, haha. But on a more serious note, he pulled off Harry's character amazingly, especially at the end *insert spoiler* All the characters, I felt, were extremely relateable. Spiderman tries to deal with his revenge-seeking & love life with Mary Jane. Mary Jane struggles with her love life & career. Harry trying to live up to what his father wanted him to be & his hatred toward Spiderman.

Thirdly, I know this movie has been publicized so much, but it is sooo worth the money to go see it! This movie is not just for the guys or for the girls, it's for both. There's romance, humor, suspense, drama, & action. You got the whole package not to mention great editing!

Lastly, it teaches you that you have a choice in everything you do. That was the central theme of this movie & I firmly believe in that. The ending definitely shows this idea & it brings all the movies to full circle.

**SIDENOTE: This was extremely hard to write without adding in spoilers, gahhh!**


  1. !!!
    You watched it! Midnight! Wow.
    Oh yeah no school today. Aw lucky you.

  2. "It Sometimes Takes The Strength Of A Superhero To Admit What Lies Deep Within Your Heart!"


    I LOVE SPIDERMAN FOREVER. And thank goodness I know the comics cause I get to see what wasnt put in the movie. Lol. Yay.

    "come on baby let's do the twist" I laughed soooo hard. I've never seen Francos head be as huge as it was today..... people in the theater were screaming "GO HARRY" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    I'm so glad he is finally getting the awesome recognition he deserves.... some little girls behind me kept saying oh my gosh he is sooo cute....... LOL

  4. helen3:38 PM

    yaaaah!!! spiderman 3 was awesome!! and i totally agree with u about the part where he tried to act bad.. it was hilarious!! lol... and i never realized before but james franco really is cute!! haha.. i loved his smile in the movie!! so adorable ^-^ hahaha...
    i'm excited for the rest of the summer movies!! it seems like there are a lot of good ones coming out! we should go watch all of them!!