Saturday, June 2, 2007


Wowzers, Annie is finally not a teenager anymore, but 20 friggin' years old! But I guess I gotta deal with that somehow since I gotta grow up, right?

I started my birthday by going to eat at Todai with Vinh, totally binge-eating as much as we could! After spending like 1.25 hours there, we went back to his place for a bit & then went to my house to take a good nap. Then got ready to go eat at Acapulco with Vinh & my sisters & binged again on yummy Mexican food. Tostadas are awesome!

I went to AMC 16 at Vallco with Vinh, Steve, & my sisters to watch POTC 3. I really had to use the restroom halfway in, but I needed to stay 'til the end of the credits to watch that extra little clip & it was cute, aww. After we left the theater, we ran into Helean & it was nice seeing her! Then we went to eat lunch at Pho Saigon & went back to my place to play DDR.

Vinh --- Thank you so much sweetie for buying me the pink sapphire necklace! I lovies it to death, it's so pretty!<3 Louise --- Thank you for the picture frame & lip gloss! It looks so nice, I can't wait to use it :) Helen [sis] --- Thank you for the "bite me" keychain, lol. Paula --- Thank you for the Eeyore tank top/shorts set & POTC3 socks! It's super cute! Mariely --- Thank you for the stationary, bookmark, stickers! Now I get to go sticker crazy ;) Bianca --- Thank you for the jewelry set, my favorite colors ;) Helean --- Thank you for the peanut butter cookies! They were yummy :) Lastly, thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday today :)


  1. heehee "thanks for the gift to come" LOL! I hope ya like it. I so couldn't resist it. ;)
    Sounds like you had a super fun time... eating! LOL jk!!! It sounds super good. When I do make it down you will so have to take me to those places. yummm I can't believe my annie is no longer a teenager. Don't forget about me in your old age. :) The neckalce Vinh got you is to die for. It's gorgeous and PINK!! AHHHH
    and the pics are soooo cute of you!!!!
    LOVE YA!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww you're welcome, twin. I know those are your favorite colors, that's why I used them. LOL Glad you loved it. Aww, sounds like you had a nice and fun birthday. That's GREAT!! Love ya lots.

  3. awwww what fun pics! The cookies are too cute!