Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's time for Annie to blog about her trip with Vinh to CA-NV-AZ [Cali, Nevada, Arizona] :)

First off, my tourguide was a white dude named Dan & he knows Mandarin & Cantonese, holy :O Boy was I shocked to see a white man as my tourguide & then he blew me away with his skills, haha. He kept calling me "Annie Honey" though :/ Anyways onto the details!

7/17 - Yosemite
---switched buses at Milpitas & got Alex as my bus driver again :D
---stopped in Oakdale for lunch @ Carl's Jr
---saw El Capitan, biggest piece of granite on Earth
---went to see the not-so-impressive Yosemite Falls that barely had any water & I got distracted by how cute the squirrels were there
---went to the landscape view of Yosemite Valley & I finally got my rainbow shot!
---got to the hotel in Fresno & had dinner @ Taco Bell

7/18 - Las Vegas
---stopped at Barstow Outlets for lunch [In N Out] & shopping [got new red heels & a black pirate tube top]
---moved into the Las Vegas Club & Casino & unpacked
---went on a city tour of Vegas
---went to the Rio to watch the "Show in the Sky"
---went to the Venetian next to wander about
---went to the Bellagio next to watch the water show

---headed back to the hotel & walked around Fremont Street for shopping

7/19 - Grand Canyon & Las Vegas
---watched the Grand Canyon IMAX movie & had lunch there & also bought a blue necklace
---headed to the Grand Canyon & it was beautiful :O, but some elderly folk fainted cuz it was too hot so we were delayed a few minutes heading back
---went to the Riviera to watch ICE, the Russian ice skating show & it was amazing *0*

7/20 - Going Home
---Dan sang 4 songs [Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Indian]
---had lunch in Bakersfield, most polluted city in the US
---stopped by the Mojave Desert for a pit stop
---switched buses & finally came home :)



  1. Aww sounds like you had LOTS of fun. Aww, that's GREAT!! I get amazed when Caucasion's can speak Chinese better than people who are Chinese. LOL I'm trying to teach Jordan Chinese, and it sounds funny. Aww, Vinh can speak that many languages? That's Anyways, glad tou had so much fun, twin.

  2. wow! a white guy speaking both mandarin AND cantonese?? i feel ashamed now for barely knowing my mandarin! xP
    aww.. poor elderly guy who fainted =(
    it sounds like you had a blast annie!! and i love your pictures!! the eeyore stuffed animal is sooo cute!! ^-^

  3. Charese1:56 AM

    awesome awesome sounds like a sick ass vaca.!! and awww it was with your love!!! how cuuuuuute!! lol i hope my vaca's as sick as yours!! lol

  4. Annie Honey, your blog rocked. LOL!!!!! haha How funny that you got distracted by cute little squirrels and then that Dan guy singing was so random. I couldn't help but laugh. Those poor old folk fainting... that would have been scary. :( The water show vid was cool! and I so wanna see your new red heels!!!! I'm glad you and Vinh has fun on your trip. I wanna come next time! LOL Let's go to VEGAS! haha