Saturday, July 7, 2007

July 4th & 777!

Annie is totally missing her Irish twin right now :'( But I've been having a lot of fun just hanging around at home with family. But yes, happy 777 today! Did any of you do anything super lucky today? :D

Fourth of July---*
-Went to eat at King Wah with my family & grandparents
-Went to watch fireworks @ Shoreline Amphitheatre with Vinh, Steve, & Lonnie

-Went to video place & bought 2 pens, pencil case, folder for less than $3 total
-Went to eat at Pho Quyen with the family
-Went to the Sunnyvale Library so that Vinh could study
-Changed the layout of blogger :)

The rest of the days, I lounged around at home with my sisters & Vinh just enjoying summer vacation :)


  1. What fun!
    How fun is it that it was 777? LOL
    We'll be 120 next time it comes around. hahaha
    Happy 777!!!!

  2. I totally LOVE your new layout!!! HOW mega cute are you guys!!!!! and I LOVE your quote too!!!
    ROCK ON!