Monday, July 2, 2007

Louise's Visit!

A lot has happened since my last post! My T&I Girl Louise came to visit me from Ireland from 6/18-7/2 :) Since it'll take forever to write about everything in sentences, most of this will be in bullet form!

6/18 - Hi Louise
---went to my appointment at my dermatologist
---went to pickup Louise at the SF Airport with sis & Sonya [delayed flight]

6/19 - San Francisco [Helen Ye, Steve, Louise]
---took the Caltrain to the city
---went to Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39
---had lunch at Bubba Gumps
---went to Golden Gate Bridge

6/20 - Nature Day [Vinh, Louise]
---went to Henry Cowell Redwood Park in Santa Cruz with Vinh
---went to lunch at McHart's [pizza]
---went to Rancho San Antonio

6/21 - SJSU/Egyptian Museum [Vinh, Louise]
---went to SJSU on the 522 [give Louise a tour]
---had lunch at Hally K. Ono Cafe
---stopped by Egyptian Museum on Naglee

6/22 - Rested/Packed for 1-Week Trip

6/23 - Yosemite [Louise]
---had lunch at Carl's Jr in Oakdale
---stopped to see biggest rock: El Capitan
---walked up to the bottom of Yosemite Falls
---saw the landscape view of Yosemite
---Fresno for dinner [buffet] & hotel

6/24 - Las Vegas [Louise]
---went to Barstow Outlets for shopping & lunch [got new sandals]
---passed by the Mojave Desert
---checked-in to Las Vegas Club Hotel & Casino
---went to watch a show at the Rio Hotel [got free Mardi Gras necklace]
---went to Venetian Hotel & saw singers/performers
---went to Bellagio Hotel to see the garden inside & the water show out front
---went to Caesar's Palace & saw the Nike statue
---went to Bally's Hotel for dinner & met up with rest of the tour group
---went to Treasure Island for a show but it got cancelled :(

6/25 - Grand Canyon/Las Vegas [Louise]
---stopped by to watch an IMAX film on the Grand Canyon & had lunch there
---went to the South side of the Grand Canyon [photos & shopping]
---stopped by the Hoover Dam for a photo op [gonna not be able to pass it in the future]
---went shopping on Fremont Street next to our Vegas hotel & also saw their awesome light show]
*side stories*
There are 3 guys standing at the Grand Canyon. A genie appears to them & tells them that if they jump into the canyon & scream out what they want, the canyon will be filled with their wish. The first guy was Japanese [overworked & stressed] so he jumped & said "girls!" & the canyon was filled with all types of girls. The second guy was Chinese [love to eat] & he jumped & said "seafood!" & the canyon was filled with wonderful underwater delicacies. The last guy was American & as he was about to jump, he tripped on a rock & said "oh shit!" ;)
There was a Japanese guy that came to SF for his job & after his last meeting, he just wanted to get to the SF Airport as quick as possible so that he can go home. He called up a taxi & told the driver to get there ASAP. They halt at a red light & a Honda pulls up next to them. When the light turned green, the Honda disappears into the distance. The Japanese guy then goes to the driver & says "Honda. Made in Japan. Very very fast." The taxi halts at another red light & a Toyota pulls up next to them. The same thing happens, the light turns green & the Toyotas drives off quickly. The Japanese guy starts to get angry & goes to the driver & says "Toyota. Made in Japan. Very very fast." After finally getting to the airport, the Japanese guy runs out of the car, but goes back cuz the driver yelled out "you forgot to pay me!" So when he returns, the driver says "that'll be $242.40 please." The Japanese guy askes "how come it's so much for only 40 minutes?" & the driver responds "Meter. Made in Japan. Very very fast."

6/26 - Los Angeles [Louise]
---stopped by Bakersfield [most polluted city in US] for lunch
---transferred buses to go to LA/Hollywood Blvd [Chinese & Kodak Theater]
---dinner in Atresia & checked-in to our hotel

6/27 - Disneyland [Louise]
---Jungle Cruise [ride]
---Indiana Jones [ride]
---POTC ride
---Haunted Mansion [ride]
---Winnie-the-Pooh [ride]
---Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters [ride]
---Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 3d Movie
---lunch at the Tomorrowland Cafe
---It's a Small World [ride]
---met Belle, Pocahontas, & Jasmine at the Princess Faire
---Roger Rabbit Taxi ride
---took a raft to the Pirates Lair & met Jack Sparrow
---met Pooh & Eeyore
---went shopping, watched the parade, had dinner, & watched the fireworks

6/28 - Universal Studios [Louise]
---Back to the Future [ride]
---Back Lot Studio Tour
---Shrek 4D [ride]
---House of Horrors [I got jumped 3x! lol]
---Terminator 2: 3D [ride]
---Lucy Tribute & then had lunch at Jurassic Cafe
---Water World show
---dinner at the Universal Citywalk

6/29 - Santa Barbara/Solvang/Home [Louise]
---stopped by Santa Barbara beach & talked with the hippie that made the art car
---stopped by Solvang [Danish town] & walked around Mission Santa Ines
---had lunch in Santa Maria [buffet]
---went home, freshened up, & went to pickup Vinh's dad at the SJ Airport [first meeting]
---went to dinner with Vinh & his dad

6/30 - Vinh's Brother's Grad/Dinner [Vinh & his family]
---left at 1pm to get to the HP Pavillion for Vinh's Bro's graduation
---had dinner at China Stix from 6-9:30 with Vinh's family [mom's side] & didn't have too much fun [they spoke mostly Vietnamese :/]

7/1 - Stanford & Grandpa's Bday Dinner [Steve, Helen Ye, Louise, Vinh, & mom's side of family]
---went to Stanford Shopping Center for cake
---went to Cantor Center of Arts
---went to dinner in Santa Clara for my Grandpa's 82nd birthday

7/2 - Bye Louise
---took Louise to the SF Airport & said our goodbyes :(


  1. Wow twin, you nice pictures. Sounds like you were really busy, but had lots of fun. That's great. I wish I could have a nice summer. LOL Love ya

  2. woooow... what an adventure you guys had! :D everyday was filled with so much activity! you must want a break now tho, huh?? lol i like the jokes! ahahaha... and what's 4D like?? haha, well i hope the rest of your summer is filled with just as much fun, annie! ^-^ take it easy!

  3. WOW what a fun trip!!!!!!!!
    I'm sorry I missed it! but it looks like you and L had the time of your lives!!! So what was the most polluted city like? LOL
    The jokes were hilarious. hahahhaha the American trips on the rock! and so what is 4d like?!?!
    I MISS YOU!!!!! Gosh sorry we all didn't get to talk while L was here. I forgot she left yesterday. :(
    I can't wait to talk to you guys!

  4. OH MY GOSH!! I just looked at all the photos!!! What fun!! You guys look absolutely gorgeous!!! And by the way Jack Sparrow dude was TOTALLY HOT!!!!! What an amazing trip!

  5. Ahhhh sounds like you guys had an amazingg vacation *__* That's so great!! <3
    I'm going to go look at the pics now XD