Tuesday, July 10, 2007


*squeals* After about 2 years of not being able to read anything new for the Ender series, a short novel is finally coming out in October *dances*

Of course, it's not a continuation of the series, but heck, at least it's something to preoccupy my brain with [& away from schoolwork]! I just wish that Card would finish with Shadows in Flight already since it ties up the 2 series together again *pouts*

But on a side note, today is sucha ugly & gloomy day for summer in California. Boo to yucky weather, makes me wanna stay indoors, which I totally don't like. Yesterday, on the other hand, was a beautiful day & I noticed so many flowers blooming [hence the flower pictures below] :)


  1. awwww eww for gloomy days :(
    But I lovey the flower pics!
    I've never read the Ender series before. I'm so out of touch!
    I must look into them!

  2. You fixed up your blog! Looks really clean and organized. The weather is kinda good. When I am running the sun does not come through the clouds. And when I am drawing outside it is not as hot. THURSDAY!!! I love Thursdays now. Thursdays are like my new Fridays. SOOO MUCH HOMEWORK STILL. Ugh.