Saturday, August 4, 2007

Birthday, Berkeley, Pasta P!

So Annie's been busy this week so far! She has played tennis again after like a whole year of not playing & also celebrated her sister's 14th birthday, happy birthday Lonnie! We went to eat at Acapulco for dinner :)

UC Berkeley & Pasta P---*
---woke up @ around 5:45am & picked up everyone
---took Caltrain & BART up to Cal & ended up taking one wrong BART & went to Fruitvale, lol
---got to Berkeley & saved Tibet [signed a form telling China to stop forcing the Tibetans to change their culture]
---met up with Aaron @ Games of Berkeley
---walked up to Indian Rock & saw the view of SF Bay ["that's a big rock!"]
---went to CheeseBoard to get some pizzas & ate them @ Serena's apartment
---walked through Berkeley campus ["the campanile looks like a p****" lol]
---went to the Asian Ghetto for some drinks & to meet up with Laura
---went to Fentons [got raspberry swirl & pineapple sherbet]
---got back on BART & Caltrain [Chuen wants to be a Korean male model] & headed to Michelle's for a bit
---dinner @ Pasta P, just hanging out & talking ["lick the plate!"]

For this weekend: Lonnie's belated family bday dinner & hanging out with Sonya @ Palo Alto!


  1. hahahahahaha you took the wrong train!!!
    Sounds like you had a fun time and I bet your sister had a fun birthday!
    Yummy all the food talk is making me hungry!

  2. Aww sounds like you had LOTS of fun, twin. AWW

  3. Sounds like fun! I havent talked to you for awhile! How are things going?

  4. Yeah, it is just a class blog. So generally I have to update news related to development or undeveloped countries, especially my focus country of Bangladesh. It's required for my international studies class, and this term will end within 2 weeks! I'm glad we are keeping in touch! When are you starting school btw?

  5. Hehe yeah I'm still taking summer school, then leaving to China on the 21st with my family, coming back here at 8th. Still busy as ever. I wasnt looking forward to China but oh well, hopefully it will be a good one!!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment. I really appreciate your support and your advices. You, Annie and your boyfriend Vinh, have also made me a stronger and optimistic person than I have been in the past when I never met my boyfriend. Thank you.