Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy 5-Years Vinh!


---Olive Garden with the boys [Vinh, Josh, Chuen, Moon, Daniel, Sam]
---Waiter: "there's only one young lady, you're a very lucky lady"

---Went to Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz [Vinh & Lonnie]
---Got my pants soaked, built sand castles, frisbee'd, & dug sand holes

---We started off by going to the Great Mall to shopping. I bought Vinh his birthday present early: Nike bball shoes :) He bought me an Aeropostale purse & shirt. Then we headed to Hot Topic to buy my sister earrings & a cell phone strap for her birthday present. Afterwards, we skidaddled to In N Out for lunch. Then we took a nap & Vinh cooked me dinner! He made me a chicken burger/sandwich with mango, cheese, avocado, & basil in it. Not bad for a first timer trying to copy Hally K. Ono's "Caribbean Chicken" :) Then we just decided to go to my house & hang out. I made Vinh a little poster of us using our photos [see below], yayy!


  1. awwwwwww annie!!!! HAPPY ANNIEVINHSARY!!! I'm so happy for you both! It sounds like you had an amazing day! First off... LOL at the waiter dude for calling you a "lucky lady" I would have probably died laughing. Second... I'm still jealous of your beach day. You are taking me with you next year! Third... IN N OUT! Did you get me one? ROFL Vinh's dinner sounds sooo good too! I so want to go make it now. Yummy mango and avocados I love both!!!
    You can tell him that he's cooking for us when I come visit you. Lastly... You both are amazing and I'm so happy that I have you guys as friends! Here's to a ton more annievinhsaries! :)

  2. Awwww twin. I'm so...happy for you. WOO 5 years, woo woo!! I still love that gift you gave Vinh. Awww. I love you lots, and I'm glad you had a great anniversary.