Friday, August 17, 2007

Mandy Moore = Awesome!

Oh what a wonderful week! So I'll sum up most of the week in bullets & then write in more detail about Mandy Moore ;)

---Went to eat at Ramen Halu [Vinh, Steve, Chuen, Matt, Helen]
---Headed to Baskin Robbins to visit Mona & she fed us well, lol [black walnut = eww]
---Went to Yumi Yogurt for Steve to try some of it's yumminess
---Hung out at my house until the meteor shower
---Went up to Rancho San Antonio to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower [I saw 22, my first 22!]

---Went to Diana's house to watch Flyboys with her & Helen

---So Vinh, Steve, Conic, & I arrived in SJ around 4pm & we were about 20ish feet away from the stage, ahhh!!! We watched Mandy Moore & the Miggs do a soundcheck so I had some good photos then. Then Vinh & Conic went to buy dinner [$4 hotdogs, wth...] while Steve & I held the seats. We saw 3 bands while waiting for Mandy to perform: The Buzz [not to my liking], The District [won the battle of the bands, they were better], & the Miggs [I love them!]. After the 3 bands, Mandy Moore finally came out & performed for a good hour singing songs from her new album! At one point, she sang a song that was very personal to her & she teared up a bit so she had to cool herself off for a few seconds, but it's like "aww, she is sucha sweet & nice person in real life" :) During Mandy's performance, the wife of a couple in front of us let me stand on her lawnchair so that I could see Mandy perform! It was so nice of her [she stood on her husband's chair] & she made my first concert that much better! I would say the only downer to the concert was the people smoking weed during The District's performance, holy is it strong! :O But overall, Annie really enjoyed her first concert!



  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I am sooooooo jealous of you! Flickr isn't being nice to me right now so it won't let me view the rest of the pics. You so will have to just send them to me tonight! AHHHHH I wish I would have been with you!
    Yay for Mandy! I just watched her special on tv last night about her new album and how special it was to her since she wrote all the songs and how some were about I guess her "andy roddick" relationship and how he hurt her.
    :( I did notice she always cries during her performance of "gardenia". but AHHH YAY for ANNIE!

  2. Aww twin, sounds like you had lots of fun!!! Yay for Mandy Moore and yay for free concerts.

    Love ya

  3. helen8:34 PM

    that's soooo cool that you got to see a meteor shower!! i really hope to see one someday soon too!
    and i'm really glad you enjoyed the concert!! mandy moore sounds like such a sweet person like you said! and that was really kind of that lady to let you stand on her lawnchair! ^-^
    well, i really hope you enjoy your last days of summer, annie!! :D

  4. Aaaahhh you got to see Mandy?! that's so coool XDDD Wow you got clear pictures!
    ..but ew, weed lol >< That's annoying.

    I'm glad to hear you had an awesome time :)